All Ears Avow – The Black Heart, London (26th January 2019)

No matter the capacity of a venue or the size of a crowd, a good show is still a successful show; this is a rule many uprising bands must keep in mind in recent times. If a band can still bring in a sizeable audience and make an impact on the attendees, they have done something right and the small actions can play the largest of roles early on in a musical career. Wiltshire alternative outfit All Ears Avow reached a huge milestone in their timeline with their first London headline show that Saturday night in at Camden’s own The Black Heart.

The room was electric and the power was felt by all watching, some singing and screaming along, and everyone applauding and cheering after every song played – that is what supporting smaller talent is all about.

This show follows the December release of their second EP, ‘Skin and Bones’, which was met with many positive reviews, and their set was a testament to how they live and breathe their art. Opening the show with the EP’s title track “Skin and Bones”, they did not miss a beat and brought the energy for the entirety of the night.

Mixing in tracks from ‘Skin and Bones’ and their 2017 EP, ‘Edge of This’, this was a night where if any attendees were not fans or even aware of the works of All Ears Avow, there was a massive chance they left with a new band in their mind, looking up their music on streaming sites, or even grabbing a physical CD to spin in the next day or two. The whole venue had a positive and exciting atmosphere, and the group themselves expressed their joyous dispositions together and with the crowd before them.

Staying humble and showing mass appreciation speaks plenty about how a band approach their music; for All Ears Avow, it was mostly lead vocalist Claire Sutton and guitarist Jake Willcock who decided to chat to the crowd and bring in the participation; with an occasional moment of drummer Sean Ivens sharing some humour with a selection of the admittedly inebriated audience.

This was a band that take their music both seriously, yet not too seriously that it ruins the high spirits of a show.

The truest life of the party was bassist Joe Bishop, who played around and posed throughout the group’s set, eliciting some friendly laughter from the crowd who were watching his outlandish faces and jumpy dance moves to the beat of his own music. There should also be special praise for the chemistry between himself and frontwoman Sutton, who was definitely in on the jokes and aided in breaking the separation between the band and their fans with giggles and gags.

What indicated that this small-time British band for sure made an impact this night? Once they finished their last scheduled song of the night and left the stage, this was not met calmly. There were cheers and woos and unbelievably heartfelt chants of “one more song, one more song”. To the crowd’s pleasure, the foursome returned onstage for their last – definite last – song of the night before winding down and coming to chat with friends and family in attendance, along with spectators and fans.

All Ears Avow – now preparing for a short UK tour in March – should feel proud for managing to take over the English capital and bringing a smile to every person’s face during the night, because it is not the easiest thing to do. As stated at the beginning, any good show is a successful show. If this one night is anything to go by, their tour will take the whole country by storm and allow them to climb higher and higher.

All Ears Avow, with their own alternative and pop-rock tunes with catchy choruses and bouncy basslines, deserve every ounce of praise they get if they stay on the course they are currently on. There will be no stopping them.

Here’s to the future.