From December 11 to the 15th, Alexisonfire performed four shows at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall. The highly anticipated shows were previously scheduled to take place mid-June of this year. Due to illness, the band pushed their four shows to December, which left eager fans waiting to see one of Canada’s beloved bands live. But the long wait added so much more to their performance, as Alexis delivered an unforgettable night of music for all who could attend. 

At Alexis’s December 12th show, the concert opened with a performance from Greys, the only opener for the night’s festivities. Greys had a ferocious noise to their set. Their heavy riffs and wild movements on stage, particularly from bassist Colin Gillespie, showcased the band’s high energy. Compliments should be given to singer-guitarist Shehzaad Jiwani who performed with a cast on his foot after explaining his accident with an amp. Jiwani did very little moving on stage but made up for it with his strong vocals. To end their set, the band-mates pummeled on their instruments while individually walking off the stage – beginning with Jiwani and ending with drummer Braeden Craig. Greys packed a lot weapons in their 4-piece band, and used their time on stage to good effect.

However, there are very few bands that can emulate the same intensity, energy, and charisma like Alexis. This was evident in their opening performance of crowd favorites ‘Young Cardinals’ and ‘Boiled Frogs.’ Lead vocalist George Pettit‘s thunderous roar, coupled by the soft vocals of Dallas Green, echoed throughout Danforth Hall to the delight of many. As fans flung their fists in the air, Wade Macneil and Chris Steele whaled on their guitars to songs largely from their hit album ‘Crisis.’ Notable performances included “We Are The Sound,” large in part due to Pettit’s antics on stage. Moving from one end of the stage to the next in a blink of an eye, chanting the chorus in repetition with the help of the crowd, Pettit was enthralling, giving everything you would want out of an Alexis concert.

Alexis continued with one hit after the next, performing tracks ‘Crisis,’ ‘Old Crows,’ and ‘Rough Hands.’ It was never a dull moment as Alexis rocked the house right up to the conclusion of their set with ‘Accidents.’ But they were not finished, carrying their intensity onward into their encore performance. Beginning with ‘This Could be Anywhere in the World’ and bleeding into a cover of The Tragically Hip’s ‘Locked In the Trunk of a Car,’ emotions were high. ‘Pulmonary Archery’ ensued, followed by none other than ‘Happiness by the Kilowatt’ to end the night with the same level of excitement that the show had begun with.

Alexisonfire’s long awaited show lived up to the expectations of many. Compiling a set with some of the band’s strongest material, Alexis tore the roof off of Danforth Music Hall, leaving with nothing less than cheers that some day soon they will return.

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