Having released his fourth solo album, Francis Trouble, Albert Hammond Jr. has been on a mission to play to as many faces as there are kinks in his hair.

This summer, he took in a world tour in 27 days. On this tour, every gig attached to this brilliant album, has seen Hammond Jr. delve deeper into the alter ego of Trouble. So much so, he wasn’t aware it was his native New York he was landing in when he finally headed home, as every landing strip and runway now blurred into a grey singularity.

One thing that Francis Trouble’s character allows Hammond Jr to do is to explore. At this packed out Electric Ballroom show, he definitely did that. Tunes such as Harder, Harder, Harder bring the fire in his set, whilst Set To Attack has an endearing lament. Climbing on speaker towers, dropping to his knees, using the full expanse of this iconic Camden venue: he demands that the crowd get into his groove and have a good time.

The Friday feeling sure was in North London this evening. Alter ego or not, it is impossible to neglect that seeing Albert Hammond Jr. perform, you are witnessing one of the most influential guitarists of the past two decades at work.

Much of his solo work has that unmistakable cool that sky rocketed The Strokes to the highest heights of Indie Rock stardom. It is a unique sound, defined by the smooth guitar, Far Away Truths standing as a track that could have fallen out of The Strokes back catalogue.

Years of being in the game, plus a clear enjoyment for being the front-man for a change, was clearly visible. This man loves his music.Hammond Jr. continues the tour through Europe over the coming weeks, before heading back to a string of dates in America.

With this much energy, creativity and showmanship dripping from this man, the rumours of new material from The Strokes excites us more than ever.

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