Alan Fitzpatrick- Fabric, London, UK (28th April 2018)

Credit: Dan Reid Photography.

Fabric. long an institution of the London music scene has a turbulent in recent times. Gigsoup was keen to see what effect if any all these changes had on the venue. One thing that certainly hadn’t changed was the long snaking queue outside that resembled a line for a roller coaster during the summer holidays at Thorpe Park or Alton Towers.

Once inside, revellers were rewarded with a night of sublime house and techno. In Room 1, Maceo Plex played an 8-hour set, to celebrate the release of Fabric 98. Much like the album release, it was a smooth mix that combined Techno, deep-house and at times even some trap like beats.

Over in Room 2, LeonardoReset Robot and Alan Fitzpatrick oversaw festivities representing We are Brave’s new sound. As 2am came around Reset Robot was in full swing. Playing a mesmerising set full of hard-hitting melodic house. The heavy beats but ethereal sounds captivating people in the moment. Alan Fitzpatrick was up next playing a much darker set full of heavy hitting techno and house traps. If Reset Robot was playing music that would lift you off the ground. Alan Fitzpatrick was playing a powerful set which hit you like a train. An effect helped massively by the speakers of Fabric. His choice of tracks kept energy levels high. A large number of dark atmospheric tracks like Spark by Rafealle Rizi, drawing the crowd in. With his classic heavy tracks like We do what we want providing the payoffs.  All this combined to have the crowd whooping and cheering with every drop, as well as dancing all night long.

Following a night of amazing music, it seems that Fabric is still very much the institution it was. Playing top-level electronic music throughout the night and into the morning.

To see Alan Fitzpatrick check out his Resident Advisor profile here


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