Afrobeats and Brunch with Sona Live and DJ Baj- Shaka Zulu, London (27th May, 2018)

2018 has been a revolutionary year for brunch. Wait, wait! Don’t click away just yet. The millennial generation is often described as blowing all their money on avocado toast, bottomless prosecco  and fancy decaffeinated lattes. Because lets face it; we’ll never be able to put the deposit down on a house!

Yes indeed, we millennials love us a bit of a boozy brunch. And so, this year has seen a influx of events that combine a night out (in the daytime), a whole lotta drinking and maybe, just maybe a bit of food somewhere in the mix. Enter a new contender in the brunch game; Afrobeats and Brunch. The genre is having it’s moment right now, with the likes of J-Hus and Ramz introducing it’s uplifting sound to the UK scene. It has roots within the West African music scene of the 1970s and was originally coined by the absolutely legendary Fela Kuti around that time.

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With the bank holiday in full swing, Shaka Zulu was the venue of choice for the festivities. One of Camden Market’s HUGE theme restaurants, the venue doubles as a restaurant and a club; perfect for the daytime madness that was about to ensue.

After a frenzied hour of bottomless punch, the crowd was feeling loose. Throughout the day, a three course meal was served as the host for the afternoon DJ Baj blended a combination of trap, dancehall and of course afrobeats.

If you’re looking for a chilled out chat with your friends over a couple of scrambled eggs; this is not the event for you.  It’s much more geared towards those looking for a loud and proud daytime party with all the trimmings.

These particular trimmings came in the form of a dance troop who whirled and gyrated along to the music. And later, in the form of SONA, who combines R&B and afrobeats to create a smooth and soulful mash of genres and counties.

Afrobeats and Brunch is strictly for the party people. If it’s your birthday, you can expect a cake and some sweet free drinks and if it’s not, well, theres still allot of enjoy here if you’re up for a bit of a session.

All photos owned by Afrobeats and Brunch.