If you’re up for some industrial sound, covering yourself in latex and creatively expressing your disgust with modern corporate world but in a sexy way, then we prescribe you a big dose of 3teeth in your system.

The band started their long tour in Nottingham and they showed us exactly what to expect from a band of their style. The show began with a loud sound of HYPERSTITION blasting through speakers sending Rescue Rooms to a completely different word of goth underground clubs where lust, industrial music and sin are getting mixed in the air. Red light, Alexis “Lex” Mincolla’s sexy moves and band’s energy left no prisoners and no one could resist the urge to dance like nobody was watching.

AFFLUENZA has hit the last nail in the coffin of shame, self-doubt and shyness of those who attended the gig. Nobody was standing still. Passion of the band was shown in every song they played. Lex’s constant engagement with the audience created a beautiful connection between all 3teeth members and their fans. Pit of Fire started a real fire in audience’s hearts and no one could fight against the band’s charm and energy. But the pinnacle of their performance was undoubtedly PRESIDENT X. For this song Alexis put on a mask of a lizard-man signifying how fake politics are.

The gig was received magnificently well. 3teeth showed terrific performance and Nottingham was lucky enough to be the first city on the band’s tour list. Industrial metal scene is definitely going to the right direction thanks to these lads from Los Angeles. We can’t wait to see their creative growth, but in a meantime make sure to check them out of Spotify:

Photo credit: Alina Salihbekova – instagram.com/asalihbekova

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