Ten Fé – The Garage, London (2nd May 2019)

Off the back of their latest LP, ‘Future Perfect, Present Tense’, Ten Fé rolled into North London’s The Garage to kick start that Bank Holiday feel-good factor with a bang.

One thing about Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan’s band is they add a splash of colour to life. It is a splash of an Olympic diver: precise and tidy.

This set, with ‘Won’t Happen’, ‘Isn’t Ever a Day’ and ‘Not Tonight’, is delivered by a band who look like they have walked in straight off the set of Age of Aquarius. Long, loose-fitting clothes and long hair and beards, they look like they could operate in any post-60s era.

Tonight was full of warmth and life-affirming vitality. Moorhouse and Duncan share the spoils of the soft-natured beast that is Ten Fé.

Inoffensive, all-encompassing and bang on the money with their welcoming sound, they are a band to be treasured.

On ‘No Night Lasts Forever’, the synchronisation between guitars and vocals is so mouth-wateringly absorbing. Whilst superlatives can be thrown at this set, it is with a pinch of laid back salt that these words should be handed out.

Tonight feels like a freeze-frame of that feeling of fuzziness that comes in finding happiness in life’s simplicities. Ten Fé take those simplicities and shake them into a glorious tonic to the otherwise mundane slur of everyday life.