Whirring into 2019 and showing no sings of slowing down, Crack Of Dawn have released their latest track “Ol’ Skool’. A deliciously funky track, ‘Ol’ Skool’ is the perfect modern twist of funk, RnB and soul, along with a heavy dose of feel-good disco beats.

The band have no shortage of an illustrious past, first discovered by Otis Redding’s producer, Crack Of Dawn were the first black band to ever be signed to a major label (CBS) and went on to outsell their contemporaries Earth, Wind and Fire in Canada. Now reuniting to re-record some of their classic songs for a new generation and long-time fans, as well as new material, the band are returning to old fans, as well as a new generation of those wanting a taste of those retro, soulful sounds.

The members of the band also have their own individual prolific statuses. Compiling of guitarist and producer Carl Harvey, who was lead-guitarist with Toots & the Maytals, sax player Rupert Harvey, founder of Canada’s most successful reggae band Messenjah, trombonist Alvin Jones, Trevor Daley who has played with reggae behemoths Third World, trumpeter Alexis Baro, keyboardist Bela Hayman, drummer Carl Otwat, percussionist Mark Daniels; bassist Charles Sinclair who has played with Al Green, and, not leastly, the buttery soulful voice of Michael Dunston.

True soulful music performed with real instruments by real musicians, ‘Ol’ Skool’ fully immerses you in the euphoric powers of funk and offers the glories of their past to the present day.