Goose Island Hop Party: Shame is the game

Goose Island’s Hop Party did more than live up to the hype, after Shame stole the show with an explosive performance.

Hosted in the raw surroundings of the Oval Space in London’s Bethnal Green area, the party to end summer was kicked off by a DJ set from Mystery Jets and Park Hotel who lit up the day with a set full of zest and even more energy than their records suggest.

With the beer flowing and the crowd all building in excitement for Blossoms -today’s headliner – Shame arrived, ready to turn the day on its head.

The Brixton outfit, on the verge of releasing new material after last year’s mega debut album ‘Songs of Praise’, they are ready to take the mantle of best post-punk band back from Fontaines D.C. who have worn the title with valour this year.

With ‘Gold Hole’, ‘One Rizla’ and ‘Dust On Trial’ peppering the set, the vast hall was sent into scenes of complete unadulterated chaos.

Shame are a band that force you to move and shake, they are a band that live in the moment and squeeze it for all it’s worth.

The crowd were completely spent after such scenes of bedlam, meaning Blossoms had their work cut-out to revitalise the walking wounded for their headliner slot.

In a summer culminating in a huge homecoming show at Edgeley Park, the Stockport boys are now a professional, 70s-clad outfit, with a clear and distinguished sound. The only qualm here was the complete difference in sound between themselves and Shame, so close to one another on the bill.

With that forgotten, Blossoms performed a set so tight and collected, it felt like a well-oiled machine had rolled into town.

This was typified in latest single ‘Your Girlfriend’, a soundtrack choice to summer 2019, was received with the same clamour as ‘Blown Rose’ and ‘Charlemagne’.

One thing is for sure, wherever Goose Island take their party next – we’ll be the first looking for an invite.