Wakizashi Festival Day 1 : Interview with Xuuki

Wakizashi Festival Day 1 : Interview with Xuuki

Wakizashi is a new Bristolian festival. Co-produced by promoter Probo Titans and Harry ‘Iceman’ Furniss, the duo aim to bring together music that pushes the boundaries of musicality and composition. GIGsoup caught up with R&B/hip hop quartet Xuuki to find out more about their brand of harmonic rapping and singing laid over spiralling trippy beats.

How did you come together to form the group?

Luui: Well were all just friends really. Were Bristol based at the moment. I met George through shows, I met Tommy through Jonathan, and Jonathan is my bruv.

Have you been together for very long?

Performing wise, we’ve been together for about five months.

You perform R&B and hip-hop with a kind of psychedelic edge. How have you come to form this sound?

We’ve influenced each other – we just want to write music together, so we’ve been doing that for about five years. We experiment a lot with analogue equipment, synthesisers- we want to get electronic music to sound a bit more real. Tom also works under the name of Mishka, so he lays down the electronic stuff and then each add our own thing. It’s a big collaboration. So we all kind of separately produce our own music and then we get together.

What about the content- what inspires you to write the lyrics?

We all enjoy writing stories and we watch a lot of films together as well, so it just kind of comes from trying to create our own world. It comes from a lot of things- we try and inspire each other with our own writing and stuff.

In terms of vocal mixes, how do you arrive at your harmonies? Do you spend a lot of time singing together?

Yes. It’s just practise and rehearsing- practise makes perfect. We put a lot of time into layering harmonies.

You’ve only been performing together for five months. What are your plans for the year ahead?

Just to look for more gigs and try to make that a regular thing. Yeah- I guess just to keep on performing and to release some projects. So we all work on our individual projects, but we’d like to record stuff to put out. Hopefully we’ll release some recordings and get more gigs off the back of that.

Who do you release these through?

Oh- we do it all ourselves- we just release stuff through our Facebook page and twitter. We enjoy doing it by ourselves. That’s what we want to continue with really.Wakizashi Festival - 4 acts not to miss : Iyabe

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