2000trees Festival 2019 – in photos

2000trees festival is Britain’s best kept secret. The 10,000 capacity independent music festival, set in the heart of the Cotswolds hills, began back in 2007 with a mission to bring the best of underground British rock. Since then it’s dipped its toes in all kinds of auditory waters – and definitely expanded outside the confines of underground, British and rock – to create its own blend of musical extravaganza.

Dannee Peppi, attending 2000trees festival for the 7th year in a row, brings us some of the visual highlights of the artists you missed at 2000trees 2019. 

The weather held out as ever – not a drop of rain. 

(C) Dannee McGuire

We had brilliant British rock – and some great offerings of international rock too.

Skinny Lister (C) Dannee McGuire
allusinlove (C) Dannee McGuire
Sœur, main stage (C) Dannee McGuire

We had the Cave, Axiom and Neu stage, who never failed to deliver exceptional music away from the main stage highlights.

Crazy Arm, Axiom Stage (C) Dannee McGuire
De Staat, The Cave (C) Dannee McGuire
MØL, Neu Stage. (C) Dannee McGuire

MØL, Neu Stage. We’ll only forgive you for missing them if you’re planning to see them in August at ArcTanGent (2000 Tree’s sister festival)

(C) Dannee McGuire

Of course, we had Frank Turner (performing both with his main band and in Mongol Horde) – the festival’s hero since 2007.

(C) Dannee McGuire
(C) Dannee McGuire
(C) Dannee McGuire

Did I mention the great weather?

(C) Dannee McGuire
(C) Dannee McGuire

We had The Armed. When you get told by Big Jeff it’s ‘an event – you have to see it’, we couldn’t really take no for an answer.

There was blinding 180bpm strobes. There was hardcore metal so heavy our ears are still ringing. The lead jumped off the stage in the first minute… and didn’t really return. There was a man covered in grass, croissants thrown at the crowd, and a vocalist who was apparently part of the band but never got on the stage. At one point, a member of the crowd got up on stage and took control, while the lead watched in elation from the photo pit (below). Our words when we walked away sum it up best… ‘what on earth did we just watch?’

(C) Dannee McGuire
(C) Dannee McGuire

We had Imperial Leisure, the circus ska band we all want to run away and join.

(C) Dannee McGuire

We had Jamie Lenman and his ‘Lenmania’ stage on the Thursday night, a curation of Lenman’s favourite rock acts. He brought us (below) Show Me The Body, Loathe and Orchards, easily some of the best performances at 2000trees. Show Me The Body in particular really pushed the boundaries of 2000trees – they’re an underground hardcore punk band hailing from New York, with a sound drawing on hip hop and sludge influences. Being on stage is quite unusual for a band who usually do their sets on street corners and underground studios. Industrial, uncontrollable punk at its finest.

Show Me The Body (C) Dannee McGuire
Loathe (C) Dannee McGuire
Orchards (C) Dannee McGuire
VUKOVI (C) Dannee McGuire

We loved VUKOVI, who spent precisely 30 seconds singing her main song and crowdsurfed on a lido for the rest.

Hunger Moon (C) Dannee McGuire

We had all sorts of beautiful offerings at the Forest, with Hunger Moon, Peppy and Moon Goes On offering a quiet retreat from the stages.

Deaf Havana (C) Dannee McGuire

Even a Deaf Havana acoustic set.

Mongol Horde (C) Dannee McGuire
The St Pierre Snake Invasion (C) Dannee McGuire
Hands Like House (C) Dannee McGuire