Vampillia ‘Happiness Brought By Endless Sorrow’

‘Happiness Brought By Endless Sorrow’, the latest EP from Osaka noise metal outfit Vampillia, pushes as many audial boundaries as humanly possible in less than seven minutes.

Vampillia are a self-proclaimed “brutal orchestra”. The most cunning coordination of said orchestra is the sheer harshness of their noise, which is developed in a way that’ll leave your average chart listener shaking in their boots or similar footwear, but is also filtered to make it accessible to any metal fan, while testing the limitations of their taste.

The EP continues the trend of Vampillia proving their conciseness as a musical ensemble, while playing with tremendous vagility. ‘Winter Ash’ is an ass-kicker of an opening track, one that wouldn’t sound out of place as a shorter passage on one of the band’s previous collaborative albums, with its immense vigour. The guitars and drums crash away, like a pile of scrap hitting a dumpster, and the vocals, while tucking themselves inside the instrumental track somewhat, are just as powerful an instrument as the lush violin that’ll make any atmospheric black metal fan weep.

‘Back to…’ is similar, but noticeably diatonic and flashy. The song uses its pallet of vast instrumentation to become a gripping experience, sounding like a pretty epic TV show theme song. ‘ggggzzgggzzz’ keeps up the tempo, with more backing strings and horrific vocal screams, but at that point while listening to the EP, it’s going to be pretty easy to deduce the track as one that makes up the numbers, a bit of a no-no for such a short project, but once you started naming songs ‘gggzzgggzzz’ you can probably do whatever you want.

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We end on ‘Hell PM’, Vampillia’s baby, hard-to-fathom noisiness with enough musical prowess to give your school music teacher just about enough courage to approve of your taste. Sometimes it’s actually a lot more fulfilling listening to Vampillia go all-out with their carking chaos, and that’s essentially what you get with ‘Hell PM’.

A stellar selection of short pieces, ‘Happiness Brought By Endless Sorrow’ is a must-listen for anyone who doesn’t mind giving up their sanity for a few minutes.

The full track listing for ‘Happiness Brought By Endless Sorrow’ is as follows…

1. Winter Ash
2. Back To…
3. Ggggzzgggzzz
4. Hell PM

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