Valley 'Sunburst' - EP REVIEW
Valley 'Sunburst' - EP REVIEW

Valley ‘Sunburst’ – EP REVIEW

This Valley article was written by Thomas Powell, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse

In many ways this EP seems like just a tease for more material to come by Valley. These fours songs do not seem enough to really satisfy your ears and it certainly leaves you wanting more. Not ashamed to stray from the norm when it comes to composing or arranging, showing real technical ability with structure, timbre, harmony and melodies. Coming straight from the Post-Rock and Psychedelic rock genre this band pull out all the stops for an incredible bit of listening.

The first track ‘Tunguska’ sets the pace of the album. It is a strong and moving song clearly created with an indelibly amount of passion and emotion; a perfect album opener indeed, building from the start with just light synth sounds and a delicate guitar solo, into a percussion filled section with layered guitar parts and a hard hitting bass line. Even at the length of just over seven minutes, it still feels like it isn’t long enough, and leaves you wanting more.

‘Kiro’ keeps you interested form start to finish. The bass guitar riff to open is incredibly catchy, but not over used throughout the song. It would be very easy to keep that line rolling throughout the entire song, but this band do not do the typical tips and tricks of many musicians and songwriters of their genre.

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The penultimate track ‘Dream Shooter, Golden!’ still keeps the pace as the previous two songs. Some beautiful drum rhythms and guitar melodies are once again included, in a song which is seeped in mystery, and a fantastic pause four minutes in which leads to the build up to its conclusion showcases some clever writing. This use of tension and anticipation is something they should definitely utilise on future material, especially with the drones and effects they use which help to build the tension expertly towards the climax.

The final track on this eye-opening EP, ‘Picture Puzzle Pattern Door,’ can only be described as a brilliant climax. Starting from where they left off from in the previous track with that sense of mystery, they use cricket sounds and droning guitar, which sets the drive and ambition of this song, featuring a really catchy guitar lick that any musician would be proud of.

As expected with the longest song on the EP standing at a mighty ten minutes twelve seconds, there are some dynamic changes to structure, timbre and feel in this track. An inspirational speech by a female half way through makes you sit and listen intently, driven by powerful but subtle percussion and soft guitar to give the speech real purpose. To finish off the track takes a turn and builds into a strong uplifting bluesy rock section to add the cherry on the cake.

Overall, Valley have produced an EP that everyone will find enjoyment in, even if they are not a fan of post-rock or psychedelic music. Some powerful pieces of music, written with a pure passion for their art which speaks volumes and connects strongly to musicians and fans alike.

‘Sunburst’ EP is out now via Version Studio Records.

Valley 'Sunburst' - EP REVIEW