Indie rock band The Slang recently released their new EP ‘Desperate Times’ a 5 track EP will leave you wanting more. The three piece rock band have the classic Indie rock sound you are looking for. Inspired by slang being the unofficial language of cultures, and that often the important and honest messages are given with slang the bands music is often from their unique perspective.

‘Back to the Fact’ begins the EP and displays some of The Slangs strengths. It is highlighted by its guitar riffs all throughout the song. With a sound you similar to the band ‘The Strokes.’ You are introduced to the voice of lead singer John Bobo that brings the band their classic rock sound. The lyrics in the song “One more time if that’s okay, no one seems to mind it” are perfect because it is a song you can play again after hearing and no one will mind.

Perhaps the strongest song on the EP is ‘Breakdown’ with the guitar strarting the intro and being joined by the drums, it builds to the vocals, all setting the tone of this song. Until just as the title of the track says there is a ‘Breakdown’ the three piece band bring a powerful yet catchy chorus. This song has it all with guitar, bass, and piano notes that truly make the song special.

While track three ‘Harm’ has a different song, it is raw with emotion. You can feel it as the lyrics highlight pains that have come over time. Referencing things in relationships that do harm, The Slang highlight places we have all been in, feelings we can all relate to.

Another song to note is ‘Is it any’ perhaps the most catchy song of the whole album. Once again the sounds coming from the guitar are a shining point of a The Slang song. Bringing you back the song has an early 2000’s feel that is hard not to love.

Finishing the EP strong is ‘Head Start’ which makes it an EP you can listen to from start to finish without wanting to skip a song. ‘Desperate Times’ is a strong collection of songs when it comes to Indie Rock EP’s. The new EP is sure to convert you and make you a fan from listening. Check out The Slang, and Indie rock band that has everything you’re looking for in a band.

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