The Neighbourhood ‘To Imagine’

The Neighbourhood released “To Imagine” last night. This EP is the second half of the “Hard To Imagine” album. While “Hard” carries more rock and indie influences, “To Imagine” experiments with electropop, synthpop, and waves of the 80’s.

The Neighbourhood isn’t stagnant. This five-track EP travels through various genres, beats, moods, and themes, yet they have a sense of hoodlum identity and connectivity that resonates throughout their music.

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Zach Abels from The Neighbourhood tweeted, “You ain’t ready for dust.” On “Dust,” the chant is, “[c]ouldn’t listen to nobody so everybody went out of control.” It’s about detachment and discovery, getting a break from the present and the loss of control. Mikey Margott tweeted, “THRASHING IN PLATINUM DUST,” creating buzz between himself and fans over the track.

While The Neighbourhood is known for their mix of experimental sounds, the vocals are often identified as pop. “Scary Love” is no exception. In the second chorus, Jesse Rutherford sings, “Your love is therapy. No drug can give me clarity as much as you do.”

This takes us up to “Heaven.” This love song talks about the feeling of liberation, what it’s like to enter heaven, when you’re in love. Jesse alluded to the third verse on social media when he tweeted “happy i took that chance on you.”

I’ve got something to confess. I keep you in my pocket. You’re my only compass. I might get lost without you.”  – Compass.

“Compass” received praise on Pigeons and Planes “Songs of the Week” list. This is the most laid-back of tracks on “To Imagine.” The indie-pop, 1985 style chorus, makes this song a pick-me-up.

“Stuck With Me” questions reality. It’s about perspective: “[t]here might be some other ways of looking at it. But that’s just what I see.” The lyrics are reflective and humble, a reminder that we’re together until the end (of the EP).

The two-part EP can be listened to in full on the “HARD TO IMAGINE” playlist on Spotify.