The Neighbourhood have released “HARD,” the first half of their “HARD TO IMAGINE” EP.” After “I Love You” and “Wiped Out!” The Neighbourhood have us wondering if their genre-mixing style will move in any specific direction. From R&B, to rock, and dark-pop, with the touch of scruff, The Neighbourhood’s alternative approach harmonizes their tracks, sometimes unpredictably.

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“Roll Call” reintroduces us with the sounds of synth and Jesse Rutherford’s voice, telling us not to “get left behind.” This song turns sombre with depictions of war. “Roll Call” takes us into the frame of mind of someone who has experienced the conformity and control of these war scenes, with the sound of gun fire. The down beat and the scratchy sounds call for liberation from control, stating, “I want to walk like me. I want to talk like me. I don’t wanna be another.”

“You Get Me So High,” is mellow. It’s a step away from The Neighbourhood’s peppier songs, like we heard from “Cry Baby” on “Wiped Out!”  That’s the thing about The Neighbourhood, they haven’t limited themselves to one sound or one scene or one genre. The diversity of tracks and sentiments on “HARD” build curiosity towards what direction the band will embark on when they release “TO IMAGINE.” “Noise” is reminiscent of “I Love You,” darker, edgier, nostalgic. This track is a broody venture. It’s about growth and self-realization. It’s about change and overcoming ignorance.

The beat returns in “24/7.” This track moves forward in time through the ticking of the clock. The Neighbourhood has this way of transitioning from dark and moody to soft and lifted; something you’d hope for with alternative music. “Sadderdaze” is poignant in a sentimental way. The strings evoke a feeling of completion, bringing this EP to a close.  These five tracks are a preview to “TO IMAGINE,” said to release on January 12th, 2018.