Synthonic ‘Sunshine’

After establishing himself among the Jazz scene in London with his group the Kieron Garrett Quartet (KGQ) Kieron Garrett is branching out. Releasing a brand new EP ‘Sunshine’ under the name of Synthonic. The new project will be classified under the Downtempo/electro funk genre. While the genre is new much of the EP maintains much of his jazz sound.

The 5 track EP ‘Sunshine’ is filled with strong synth-pop combinations and funk elements. With truly unique synth bursts you see why he goes with the name Synthonic. The strength of the tracks are the fact that they are unique. Garrett writes, records, and produces the songs. Passion for music and creation ring within each track.

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The title track ‘Sunshine’ is the highlight of the EP, it sets a high bar. There are times when listening to the other tracks on the EP where you feel more like you are on a long hold with the cable television provider. Despite songs like ‘Groove Report’ which feel like the backdrop of an exaggerated elevator scene in a movie, Synthonic shows some strong potential in his debut. His background in jazz is a building block that will allow him to continue to adjust which is what downtempo/electro-funk is all about.

The EP finishes strong with ‘Head Banging’ which is fun throughout. A song that can be listened to in any circumstance. It is a style that is all his own. They say save the best for last and that is what ‘Head Banging’ is on this EP.

Check out the EP below and listen to pure creativity, beautiful blends, and something totally its own.

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