Strangejuice 'Leafblower' - EP REVIEW
Strangejuice 'Leafblower' - EP REVIEW

Strangejuice ‘Leafblower’ – EP REVIEW

This article was written by Evie Myers, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Gavin Wells

It only seems like yesterday that the review for ‘Jalapeno Sun’ was being penned. As it turns out, this is not a complete exaggeration. This is because Australian musician Mike Anderson has been a very busy man in creating the latest EP in ‘The Bedroom Series’. The turnaround between both EPs has been less than four months, which is true dedication. Anderson’s professionalism shines once again in ‘Leafblower’, with even more surprises and delicacies to feast upon.

Eponymous track ‘Leafblower’ blasts open with a tantalising Rock feel to it, with hints of Electro accompanying his eerie vocals. Anderson’s ability to layer his songs with unusual and unexpected sounds is what makes him unique. To dare to place this man in a confined box of a single genre would be criminal, for he is a master of them all.

The pace slows with ‘Carrier Mouse’, allowing Anderson’s delicate art of storytelling to shine through. The simple acoustic allows us to truly appreciate the voices within this track, which are both so beautiful and complementary. ‘Snow Queen’ follows with some unusual lyrics and vocal styles but feels a little rushed towards the end.

The aforementioned Maria in ‘Snow Queen’ makes her own appearance, in the dedicated fourth track. The airy female backing singers are wonderful, while Anderson reaches dizzying heights with his vocal range. The fact that the music itself isn’t too complex allows us to enjoy the voices perfectly. The melody in ‘Temporary Guy’ bears uncanny similarities to ‘Let Me Paint Your Picture’ from ‘Jalapeno Sun’, particularly at the chorus. It is pleasant enough but perhaps a little too familiar.

EP closer ‘There’s a Snake’ is quite a curious track, aside from the hushed expletives even before the music begins. The sound begins life resembling a Folk song but subtly picks up tempo into an acoustic piece as the song progresses. The true craft of layering different sounds is evident in this track, leaving you wondering how on earth Anderson creates such unforgettable music. Whether ‘There’s a Snake’ belongs with the rest of the songs on this EP is uncertain, but it is a memorable exit to ‘Leafblower’.

The diversity in musical styles is truly wonderful to behold in ‘Leafblower’, and it is no wonder with a vast history in the industry as long as Anderson has. He keeps us guessing with this EP, no two tracks are alike and as this is only the second in ‘The Bedroom Series’, we can only be excited for what is yet to come.

‘Leafblower’ is now available through Strangejuice’s independent label.

Strangejuice 'Leafblower' - EP REVIEW