Strange Bones 'We The Rats'

Strange Bones ‘We The Rats’

Strange Bones, Blackpool’s own family fuelled circus act, have just released their second EP titled “We The Rats” on Northern Rats Recording. Split into four tracks, each distinguishably different whilst each equally as magnificent as the last, they’ve scraped the scum off the top of the sea and left the gritty, abrasive salt that lies within in the form of this EP.

The title track breaks through the air, reverberating within your ears as the melodic riffs and rolling drums perforate their way through your mind. Peaks and troughs of sound provide the tension that splits this band apart from the crowd, these fragmented outburst of fuzz will no doubt leave your body convulsing on that sticky dancefloor.

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They’re all big, big , songs on this release, however one in particular sets the spines on your back standing up on their ends. “Big Sister Is Watching”, a tune laden with trance inducing undertones and propaganda like slurs. Lyrics delivered from the mouth of the rat are powerful, impactful and delivered with a matter of urgency. This tune was brewed from the spoon of the shady bloke on the corner, a dark and subversive truth that lays behind the flashing lights of the promenade. For after all, all that glitters is not gold. It’s intricately put together and perfectly executed, but at its core it is nothing but unadulterated filth.

If you’ve seen these guys perform you’d definitely have heard the next track, “Animals”, and you’ll know that by this point the crowd is usually lubed up in a fiery mist of Jack Daniels. This ferocious number will never not be met with a clash of heads. Despite feeling slower than a lot of their other tracks each riff runs deeper, vibrating from your fingers to your toes and rubber soles.

Last year they were the first British band to record their debut with Foo Fighter’s Chris Shifflet at the now infamous 606 studios in LA. You don’t even have to question why after hearing material like this. This year they’re celebrating no differently as this EP kick starts what’s going to be a hectic year for them.

“We The Rats” is out now via Northern Rats RecordingStrange Bones 'We The Rats'

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