Redefining rock and roll is a heavy weight on anybody’s shoulders and yet the North-West’s four-piece Slydigs are finding themselves doing just that with the release of their EP How Animal Are You? Having supported the likes of The Who, Catfish & The Bottlemen, and Pete Doherty they clearly have what it takes to take audiences by storm.

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Opening their EP with title track ‘How Animal are you?’ provides an accurate portrayal of exactly what can be expected from the coming songs; a strong opener filled with captivating riffs and impressive musicianship, Slydigs provide what could easily be a prime song for a roadtrip soundtrack. There’s a particular assortment of sounds from track to track and yet impressively they manage to maintain an evolved, modern taste of rock and roll, providing and accessibility for those, perhaps, not as familiar with the genre as well as being enjoyable to those who prefer something more classic.

With this release, they’ve managed to leave themselves open for fans of classic rock, more indie hits, and a contemporary take on the two, it’s difficult to say exactly where this EP would place Slydigs, but that is definitely the charm of their unique approach. This is particularly evident through the stand out track of the EP, a more mellow number ‘To Catch a Fading Light’. Not only does it provide something of a break in the EP but it displays their versatility exceptionally well, the entire song remaining hearty and yet still mellow. Their lyricism shines throughout the EP however lines like “one of these days it’s gonna come around/one of these days the truth will be found” provide an insight into the lyrical direction and personal approach that Slydigs provide their listeners.

Managing to create such different feelings and approaches to such familiar topics is something the band have proved they can do remarkably well, particularly through their thoughtful inclusion and practise of harmonies, both vocally and through all instruments used. The EP demonstrates what slydigs can achieve and prove just why they’ve toured with such established names; despite some elements which seem as if they’ve been heard a little too many times, especially through “Give it Up Brother” they’ve created a remarkably wholesome, impactful and enthusiastic EP that places itself perfectly amongst the conditions that come with the modern day. Their take on such a classic sound invites new audiences, maintains old audiences and speaks of change, with this release it is interesting to consider how it will translate live, but there’s no doubt that Slydigs will be a name to

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