With a voice like a mug of hot chocolate with an extra shot of Baileys and an overall sound which is reminiscent of the eighties (a time when it was OK to be in a pop band and still look and sound miserable), Secret Cameras have released a solid and promising first EP.

Almost sombre enough to be sat alongside the early electronic goth acts of that era like The Danse Society they err on the side of early Tears For Fears or more recently White Lies.  Describing themselves as ‘Indie-Synthpop Secret Cameras are refreshingly different, merging guitar based indie with layers of synthesisers and electronic rhythms. The vocals are an important part of the overall output are pushed high up in the mix. The quality of production available today means that just the right amount of reverb can be put on the voice of Itamar, the Israeli lead singer to maintain his dulcet baritone while the slight distortion adds to the ethereal quality of the EP in general. The two singles released so far are the most instantaneously catchy of the five on the EP but it is the sinister ebb and flow of ‘It’s Never Over’ which is the stand out track for this listenerThe artwork has an industrial Eastern Europe look to it and with music which would sit comfortably in a cold war era ‘Smiley’s People’ environment of subterfuge and mistrust it seems fitting.  

If they tickle your fancy there’s a chance to see them showcase their stuff at Dingwalls in London on June 3rd when they are part of Camden Rocks Festival. They’re on nice and early as they have other plans and it seems fitting that a band who reek of intrigue are sneaking off elsewhere. Who knows what they’re up to, maybe they’re plotting the downfall of western civilisation? (or maybe going to see Depeche Mode..)

Angsty, tuneful, at times upbeat and certainly well produced, this self titled debut EP shows a potential for so much more to come.


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