Sands ‘Nothing Can Go Wrong’ EP – Track-by-Track

We have been spinning “Nothing Can Go Wrong” by Sands recently. He is a psych musician from London making accessible yet expansive nuggets of psych pop. The EP recalls artists like Tame Impala, The Kinks and Led Zeppelin. We spoke to Sands to give us a bit more of a rundown on the EP.

“The Phoenix” – This felt like a track that I wanted to do for a long time. As of now I feel something special about that. There’s a lot personal feelings in it I think, not just lyrically but musically as well.

“Lonely Circus” – This one came very quickly – I feel like I had a stroke of luck as I had recorded a very muffled early version on a phone. Hearing it the next day I couldn’t really understand what I was muttering about, but it kind of spontaneously wrote itself to be honest. Ive never had to think less than that to write a song.

“My Friend” – I struggled a bit to get the arrangement right for this one, but in the end it came out great! I wanted it to be soulful and a bit epic in places then I asked my comrades The Stepsisters to provide some drunken backing vocals.

“Into Oblivion” – This track came one night when I couldn’t sleep. This is my attempt at some sort of nursery rhyme. I think it is a heavy, bluesy and hypnotic thing with some hazy psychedelic elements. Lyrically, the track has been inspired by gothic themes, maybe I got a bit carried away!