Saint the Sinner 'Masquerades' - EP REVIEW - Lead photo by LJR Photography
Saint the Sinner 'Masquerades' - EP REVIEW - Lead photo by LJR Photography

Saint the Sinner ‘Masquerades’ – EP REVIEW

This Saint the Sinner article was written by Hannah Stevenson, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Gavin Wells. Lead photo by LJR Photography

This is an EP that hits the ground running, opening with a tinkling Piano intro that gives way to a torrent of Luke Juan’s screaming vocals, which balance perfectly with the accompanying music and harmonise with James Laughton’s richly toned singing in the invigorating opener ‘Theatre of Broken Dreams’.

It is balance that defines this EP. Drummer James Booth manages to keep a perfect pace with the strong bass, with this perfect partnership most obvious in the stunning ‘Left for Dead’, in which the defining bass from Tom Bigg is correlated with the Drums throughout. Even the lead-ins to the pitifully short Drum solos are ideally pitched to compliment them, combining to create a song close to rock perfection.

Tonally there is variety here, with the mixture of screaming vocals and defining Guitar from Billy Muircroft and Pash Stratton dominating the earlier tracks, with Laughton spearheading the ep’s later songs, such as the rich ‘She’s a Vampire’ and the emotive ‘Set It Off’. Despite the integration of Juan’s screaming, the band has not neglected the lyrics, with each song juxtaposing the emotional vocalised lyrics of Laughton with Juan’s combative messages.

Ultimately this is post-hardcore without the posturing. Despite integrating some effects into the album, these are clear stylistic choices, such as the phone message in ‘Asylum’, a chaotic track broken down by the addition of the message and some synthetic sound. Unlike other bands in the genre, Saint the Sinner clearly don’t need to hide behind audio effects and synthesized beats; this band has real talent and they aren’t afraid to show it.

‘Masquerades’ is out now

Saint the Sinner 'Masquerades' - EP REVIEW