This Faroe article was written by Ben Malkin, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Fraisia Dunn.

On ‘Words’, Faroe reach up towards the highest clouds and attempt to pluck away at that otherworldly, angelic fluff. The EP contains a few moments where these attempts are fulfilled and achieved, with lush, understandable results. But whilst roaming through the halls of laid-back slack and introductory cloud metaphors, this chilled batch of electronic indie has a few issues.

The pop is present; ‘Words’ is accessible, but more-so as background music. ‘A Lot Better Now’ kicks us off, and in fairness, it’s pretty cute, there’s a real romance occurring. There is a lot less romance and no signs of any blossoming on the rest of the EP, ‘Feel the Need’ has an almost experimental, trip hop section that comes across as a lot more silly than it does meaningful or relevant or even appropriate. But at least it’s something a little different, distancing itself from a lot of the humdrum on display.

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There are perhaps too many shroud synths, and not enough attempts at caressing the listener’s ears with interesting music. As mentioned, this short listen is actually accessible, but it’s hard to take a lot away from it, it’s hard to let it stay with you and have you remembering anything, and it does seem like Faroe are actually intending on doing this.

Not to be too harsh, the single ‘Blast’ actually shows a lot of promise, it seems to achieve everything the band sets out to do and more. It reaches those angelic heights whilst introducing a bit more edge and a few pinches of necessary evil. The main synthesizer pattern bubbles away through the speakers and pops above occasional, bruising, wobbly pads. This might blow you away.

‘Words’ is an easy listen, but that’s its main quality. There is a decent amount of promise, but it does nothing to shrug away the lacklustre.

‘Words’ is out now via Corentin Olivier.

Faroe 'Words' - EP REVIEW

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