Psychocide ‘Hungover’ EP

Psychocide is back after the success of their debut album ‘Alcohol and Bad Decisions’. Following it up with a newly released EP named ‘Hungover’. The three piece band consists of Goldwyn Thandrayan (lead vocals & lead guitar) Wilson Li (drums and vocals) and Geoff McFarlane (bass, keys, guitar, vocals). Each of the three come from different musical backgrounds, but come together to create a sound all their own. Due to each member having different backgrounds in music each song has a different feel to it. This versatility is the highlight of the EP and shows off the range of Psychocide.

The EP starts off with ‘Confined’ and all its guitar glory, the lyrics sing “Confined I’m feeling good”. But listening to it the last thing that you feel is confined, as guitars, drums, and vocals blend you feel you cant help but catch yourself dancing to it’s catchy tune.

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It brings you to ‘Kinaesthesia’ which is the strongest song in the EP. Epic guitar riffs lead you into the track, followed by a song full of emotion and deep meaning with its lyrics. With a brilliant melodic groove this song transitions to a sentence or two of spoken word, until the chorus returns and you catch yourself singing along.

‘Unattainable’ is one of the songs on the list that show the range of Psychocide. A song with a sound completely different than the others soft tones ring throughout the song. It is when you start focusing and realize that along with their unique sound each song is held together with brilliant lyrics.

‘My Favourite Game’ and ‘Crash’ close out the EP and bring comparisons to Franz Ferdinand with their sound. Psycocide proves to be a band to look out for and can expect big things to come from.