Psilocybe Project ‘Youniverse’

Chocoholics rejoice! Psilocybe Project’s decadent ‘Youniverse’ EP is pure heaven for chocolate lovers, serving up 2 signature versions of flourless chocolate cake. Don’t be fooled by the small size of this full on dessert, each delectable sound bite contains a powerfully rich burst of luxurious chocolate flavor to satiate one’s deepest melodic psy trance cravings.

Just like the divinely indulgent cake, full on psy trance is an irresistible, beloved classic that remains an explosive and timeless mainstay on musical menus. The distinctively layered complex melodies, punchy lead, and rolling bass line create a similar melt-in-the-mouth experience to the complex textural delight of flourless chocolate cake. Each bite is a sumptuous fusion of luscious, silky smooth custard, intense chocolate flavor that illuminates one’s palate, and an ultra-fine, ephemeral crumb that delicately dissolves on the tongue.

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With the title track, ‘Youniverse,’ Ricardo serves this classic cake with fresh juicy raspberries and a sweet blissful cloud of whipped cream. The vibrant guitar riffs provide a refreshing bright note and idyllic sweet tartness with the perfect level of acidity to cut through the richness of the chocolate cake, counterbalancing the sound palate. The dollop of whipped cream is imparted by the female vocals, which lend a soft, airy consistency to the track and lighten the intensity of the chocolate.

As with any truly memorable dessert, the crescendo of textures and flavors linger on the tongue in a way that one can still taste them and they find themselves dreaming of it, yearning to re-create the same experience. This powerful impact is also true of ‘Youniverse,’ particularly with the vivid burst of freshness bestowed by the piquant raspberry.

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Re-Twin’s remix of ‘Determinism’ adds a slick glaze of chocolate ganache to the popular track with sleek, gliding melodies and characteristic flair. Served with an elegant quenelle of creamy vanilla ice cream, this lush, smooth, and uplifting track is set to light up the dance floor in ecstatic bliss.

Chocolate lovers will adore this decadent full on dessert. However one slices it, ‘Youniverse’ is a mainstay on the psy trance menu and chocoholics will find themselves returning for another satisfying slice of Psilocybe Project’s signature flourless chocolate cake.

‘Youniverse’ is out now via Dissidia Records.

Psilocybe Project 'Youniverse'