The Persian Leaps ‘High and Vibrate’ - EP REVIEW
The Persian Leaps ‘High and Vibrate’ - EP REVIEW

The Persian Leaps ‘High and Vibrate’ – EP REVIEW

This Persian Leaps article was written by Ben Malkin, a GIGsoup contributor

The Persian Leaps return with new EP ‘High & Vibrate’. The record doesn’t see the band move too far away from the quirks and qualities that brought them to the dance, but there is certainly a lot of improvement scattered around in places. A few more infectious melodies and rhythms make this perhaps the most easy-to-like release from the band’s discography so far.

Speaking of infectious, the EP’s opening track is entitled ‘The Infection’ – it’s gritty, it’s to-the-point and it’s a great way to kick the EP off. Second track ‘Under the Lilacs’ moves the record along very nicely, with a simple-yet-pleasing guitar riff soaked in crunching distortion. The chorus of the track is really emotive, with an effortlessly expressive vi-vii-i chord progression; another simplicity, but The Persian Leaps really do shine when keeping it simple.

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‘Dottie, Queen of the West’ is a cool, breezy number with bags of moody personality, it’s a real highlight of the record. Following it is ‘Frozen’ which is another highlight, with its pure guitar-rock rawness and general care-free nature.

The closing track ‘Anthem’ is anything but an anthem; only a minor disappoint in relation to the other, more memorable tracks on the album, but the song never quite feels like it’s going anywhere, the verses are very stoic, and while the chorus has more of a bright ‘everyone sing along’ vibe, it still isn’t particularly catchy or satisfying. Regardless, there are a ton of appealing, catchy moments on this new EP, and one underwhelming song should take nothing away from them.

The band seem to be very content with their simple sound, which has surprisingly worked wonders for them: they know what they’re good at. Songwriting and delivery-wise, the majority of the EP is very pleasing. ‘High & Vibrate’ may not be high on progression, but it contains some of The Persian Leaps’ catchiest songs yet.

‘High and Vibrate’ is out now via Land Ski Records.

The Persian Leaps ‘High and Vibrate’ - EP REVIEW