After releasing Revenge of the Vinyl Cafe in 2013, in collaboration with the beloved Canadian entertainer Stuart McLean, The PepTides were primed to become the nation’s next Arcade Fire. The Canadian band’s newest EP, aptly named ‘The PepTides EP,’ showcases a wide variety of genres from funk to pop to soft rock.

There is an unmistakeable musical theatre vibe to The PepTides. Many of their newest tracks sound like they accompany some staged actions complete with synchronised dance routine. This may be a symptom of the fact that the band could fill every role Broadway cast and reportedly puts on a stellar live performance. With five vocalists and four accompanying instrumentalists, the band is even larger than the aforementioned Arcade Fire.

Unfortunately, the comparisons to Arcade Fire end there, as the music put on display in ‘The PepTides EP’ is not particularly ground breaking. The tracks are hit or miss with certain standouts, like 202 Washington DC, playing to the group’s strengths and others, like Black Beast, highlighting its shortcomings. At its best, the group uses its multiple vocalists to provide a rich sound, which works particularly well in their funk-based tracks.

While the band are clearly ambitious, the ability to convert the ambience and thrill of a live performance into a digital recording is something that may still need to be tweaked.

The PepTides EP’ is self-released and out now

The PepTides ‘The PepTides EP’

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