Whenever there’s a collaborative project involving eclectic hip hop producer Paul White and madman emcee Danny Brown, there’s something to be excited about. Many mouths watered when surprise EP ‘Accelerator’ dropped, and the EP itself has definitely lived up to the sudden excitement.

Paul White’s most well-known projects of the past few years that have seen him credited as a main artist have been with Open Mike Eagle, a rapper whose ‘art rap’ style has not only fit White’s producing style like a glove, but White’s beat-making efforts have been instrumental (that might be a pun) in Mike’s rise in success. Few have as creative an outlook on hip hop as Open Mike Eagle, but Danny Brown is in a league of his own, recently releasing ‘Atrocity Exhibition’, the most warped, insane rap album of 2016, helped in part by White and his diverse studio work on songs like ‘Ain’t It Funny’ and ‘Dance In the Water’.

Madness ensues right from the get-go with the EP’s title track. The track relies on a fast-paced drum beat that finds itself living somewhere between classic rock and tribal world music. The in-and-out guitar used on the song is a nice accompaniment, but only feels completely necessary on the instrumental version of the track, as Brown’s rapping sounds even better over a bare, minimal, breathy percussion piece.

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Danny’s flow on the EP is exactly what you’d expect, which is never a bad thing. He’s forever channelling Cyprus Hill with his free-flowing squeaky tone, and also Andre 3000 with how beautifully he makes every syllable matter, every accented word, every bit of animated execution.

The beats might be even more nuts than most people were expecting. Less laid back than ‘Hella Personal Film Festival’, with more free-spirited range. ‘Lion’s Den’ has a new wave/synth pop vibe, as the chorus runs with a flashy-yet-dark synth melody, one that gives the song even more memorability.

‘Accelerator’ is an unpredictable EP, but this is what happens when two of the most creative brains in hip hop come together. The beats are unapologetically crazy, the vocals are chaotic, the merging of the two is spectacular. Paul White continues with the superb work – this is a great EP.

‘Accelerator’ is out now via R&S Records

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