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OVO crooner PARTYNEXTDOOR is back, this time with the next installment of his ‘Colours’ series, ‘COLOURS 2.’ The first project under the alias was immediately hailed as a fan-favorite, containing some of the strongest material he’s ever put out. Tracks like ‘Girl From Oakland’ and ‘Juss Know’ highlighted his commitment to his sound while showing how far R&B can be pushed. While PND’s commercial introduction ‘PARTYNEXTDOOR 3’ had the 23-year-old dabble in dancehall, ‘COLOURS 2’ is (mostly) a return to his woozy past, containing all the left-field R&B that he helped make famous.

While PND certainly has his fair share of copycats, ‘COLOURS 2’ proves that nothing’s like the original. Opener ‘Peace of Mind’ showcases PND’s ability to skillfully ride a beat, providing soothing vocals that complement the minimal trap atmosphere. ‘Rendezvous’ has a similar sonic structure and is lyrically about PND trying to convince his love interest to hook up with him. The conviction in his voice is the selling point, as the listener can easily imagine PND succeeding – with a voice like that it’s hard to say no.

‘Low Battery’ is an upbeat number akin to features PND has provided recently. ‘Freak In You’ however is the real standout here. Behind a beat that would sound right at home in a late-night hotel, PND wants his love interest to let go and let him work his sexual magic. The song is reminiscent of his damn-near classic track ‘Persian Rugs,’ and just like that song it highlights his talent at setting a mood. 

Like its predecessor, ‘COLOURS 2’ is only four songs. Short and sweet, it’s a perfect EP to play during an intimate night in. 

Whereas the vocals on ‘P3’ were lacking in areas, PND shines on this new project. His presence is consistent and strong throughout, putting him leagues ahead of would-be imitators. It’ll surely make fans all the more excited for his next full-length, which is what EP’s like these are supposed to do in the first place.

‘COLOURS 2’ is out now via OVO Sound.


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