Over Sands 'Over Sands EP' - EP REVIEW

Over Sands ‘Over Sands’ – EP REVIEW

This Over Sands article was written by Zara Heath, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Ben Kendall.

New kids on the block, Over Sands, have just released their debut EP ‘Over Sands’, and it’s already receiving great feedback from critics. The self-titled EP consists of psychedelic, airy sounds and soothing vocals, and sounds like something you would hear in a teen romance movie. This EP was written by the band while they were isolated for several weeks in a lonely beach house just off the English coast. The tide of the ocean, marooning them twice daily, inspired the natural, environmental influences of ‘Over Sands’ EP.

The EP starts with ‘Hounds’, a song which combines a soft rock vibe – slightly heavier than the other tracks on the EP – along with strong vocals and background harmonies, which were recorded in an abandoned World War II bunker that the brothers of the band had found nearby the beach house. This gives the vocals an eerie, yet peaceful sound which, all in all, makes for a brilliant opening track.

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Next, we have ‘Gyroscope’, which again incorporates that same rocky vibe that ‘Hounds’ possesses, however, this track is slightly more floaty, with a flowing guitar riff and slightly lighter vocals. This song, along with the closing track ‘Two Cranes’, include field recordings of the natural environmental sounds surrounding the band. This track could easily be the background music for a video game advertisement.

The third song, ‘New Year’, takes us into the more atmospheric side of the record, with ripples of light and flowing sounds, both from the guitar and the vocals. However, this delicate side is contrasted superbly with a harder drum beat. Finally, ‘Two Cranes’ closes the EP, the synth piano in the beginning of this song is slightly reminiscent of ‘Bliss’ by Muse. This song has a very magical feel to it, a very calming end to a wonderful array of tracks from Over Sands.

Over Sands have really captured the atmospheric sound, and the incorporation of natural sounds makes it even better. ‘Over Sands’ EP is only the beginning, of what is looking to be a very successful career for these guys.

‘Over Sands’ EP is out now via B3SCI Records.

Over Sands 'Over Sands EP' - EP REVIEW