Niilas 'Memoraids' - EP REVIEW

Niilas ‘Memoraids’ – EP REVIEW

This Niilas article was written by Lucas Oakeley, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Samantha Melrose.

‘Memoraids’ is an astonishing debut effort from 18 year-old Norwegian electronic music producer Niilas. Hailing from the city of Bergen, a Nordic influence can certainly be found in the natural harmonies evoked throughout the five stunning tracks of Niilas’ EP. To say that Niilas is one to merely watch out for in the future would be a severe understatement. Niilas deserves all eyes on him at this very moment.

Opening with the title track ‘Memoraids’, listeners are immediately greeted with a catchy beat festooned with punchy snares and a strong scent of synth that permeates throughout. The rhythmic drums of this entry create an upbeat tempo whilst the accompanying synths carry the melody on a journey to a far more relaxed state of celestial satisfaction. This track truly sets the bar for the rest of the EP to follow, with Niilas certainly not disappointing.

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‘Cosylan’ follows this maiden voyage with a more ethereal collection of plinks and plonks that cement Niilas’ innate ability to successfully handle a variety of different sounds. An ’80s inspired pop feel is juggled marvellously here with a koto-centred sound that sends you right back in a trance to feudal-era Japan. The next track, ‘Ocelate’, provides a change of pace with its marshmallowy triumph of cheeky electronic pop that is guaranteed to get your foot tapping almost immediately after hearing it. This song is recommend as a taster for those wary about music that has a distinct lack of lyrics and conventional instrumentals. Fair warning however, this taste that will likely whet your appetite for the rest of what Niilas has to offer.

The antepenultimate ‘240Z’ is a busier track than the rest of the rabble with a strong influence of Garage pervading all the way through. This is a pleasant deviation that revels in the girth and depth of its bass and offers a break to the sweeter soundscape created at the beginning in order to prevent it from becoming too saccharine. Melting away into sweet mechanical clinks and whirrs about ¾ through in order to recharge its batteries before its final assault of bass, listeners are left by ‘240Z’ with a worryingly elevated heart rate and an ear worm that they’ll find hard to remove any time soon.

‘Flash 3’ provides a fitting finale to ‘Memoraids’ as its reflective intro of the track, caressed with xylophones and familiar chirrups, eventually gives way to a bass line teeming with discordance.  ‘Flash 3’, like the entire EP itself, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that delightfully toys with the light and the dark – walking the fine line between poppy and moody to supply a balanced and catchy track with just enough character to keep you coming back for more.

‘Memoraids’ is out on the 22nd of January via Balsa Wood.

Niilas 'Memoraids' - EP REVIEW