Nightspace 'Untrue' - EP REVIEW - Lead photo by Brady Harvey
Nightspace 'Untrue' - EP REVIEW - Lead photo by Brady Harvey

Nightspace ‘Untrue’ – EP REVIEW

This Nightspace article was written by Matthew Kay, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse. Lead photo by Brady Harvey

Nightspace is a Seattle based artist whose new EP ‘Untrue’ is being released on Flat Field Records.  A trip into the depths of the artist’s mind, filled with atmospheric, nightmarish synths and cold hard vocals; ‘Untrue’ isn’t an easy listen, but rather pushes the boundaries of what is expected in electronic music.

The sounds of each song, layered with Ian Curtislike vocals, promise an interesting and eclectic mix of styles. The synthesized sounds distance him from the status-quo of pop and the expectations of electronic music, allowing him to experiment and delve further into the endless possibilities that they offer.

The vocals represent an abstract realism, fracturing the beauty of reality, unapologetically pushing the listener into a realm of deep and dark sounds. The EP represents an unorthodox reality; a distorted vision of what can be achieved within the electronic music genre, the rule book torn up and thrown away, replaced by Nightspace’s distorted vision.

Tracks such as ‘Sacrifice’, the opening song on the EP, rely heavily on distorted synths, underpinned by pounding drums, unrelentless in their approach, driving the track forward accompanied by Nightspace’s vocals. It adds an unorthodox texture to the aesthetics of the song whilst simultaneously contributing to the weird and wonderful ambience the EP creates.

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In a similar vein to the opening song, ‘Mean Kids’ is a full sensory assault, not letting up or giving the listener a chance to relax. Though you may find something familiar in the four-on-the-floor kick drum within the song, don’t let it fool you: this isn’t your average electronic album. The constant barrage of distorted synths and eerie vocals pushing the expectations of the listener, creating a soundscape that feels far from reality, but creates an almost nightmarish sensory experience. The final two tracks on the album, ‘False Priest’ and ‘Untrue’, continue the assault on the listeners senses, further pushing them down the rabbit hole and into Nightspace’s world.

This EP is not for the faint hearted. Forget sitting back and relaxing, enter the mind of Nightspace and explore the abjected reality that is created, and allow yourself to be pushed into a dark world without any control.

The EP itself creates an excellent nightmarish atmosphere, each song fitting perfectly into Nightspace’s reality, pushing the listeners to open their own mind into the possibilities of electronic music. Although keeping with some traditional aspects – the 4/4 kick being one – this EP is far from the stereotypical electronic music often heard on the radio.

The textures and soundscapes created represent a creativity that can often bypass more commercially viable artists. You get the feeling that the music is more about the creative possibilities, pushing the boundaries and expectations of the listener, rather than creating something that will appeal to the masses. The music and sounds within ‘Untrue’ will certainly not be for everyone, but the creativity is one aspect that must be appreciated regardless of the likeability of the music itself.

‘Untrue’ is out on the 16th October via Flat Field Records. 

Nightspace 'Untrue' - EP REVIEW