The Nova Scotian trio, Neon Dreams, has partnered with Warner Music Canada for the release of its new EP Wolf, Princess & Me. The band’s electro-pop sound has gained popularity in Canada with the single Marching Bands, featuring Canadian rapper, Kardinal Offishall. Now, after a year of touring and an EP already under their belts, the trio is exploring a more eclectic, experimental sound.

Wolf, Princess & Me explores the complications of a love triangle through seven tracks. The EP is the band’s first attempt at telling a story. The structure is definitely reminiscent of a complicated love story – It has a Disney-esque intro, followed by a couple of ups and downs, a climax and a definitive ending.

After the narrated intro, the listener is introduced to the title track. While it’s not revolutionary (featuring lyrics typical of a pop/hip-hop track) it’s very catchy and dance-able. Rescue, provides the same catchy, sing-a-long vibes as Marching Bands, but with a slightly more hip-hop feel. You can expect to hear it on every top 100 radio station in Canada for at least a few weeks.

The next four songs are refreshingly different. You can feel the turbulence of the love triangle that the EP is based on. Power is more electronic and laced with just enough synth to make your head bob and your body sway. Deep Water is moody and emotional. It screams break-up song with its unapologetic lyrics and deep vocals. Insane is darker than Neon Dreams has ever gone before. They step away from their upbeat, dance floor sound and commit to that heartache feeling.

The EP ends with Do What You Want – a track dedicated to a rocky romance. The lyrics and the sound give the sense that the people in the relationship have accepted their fate. The track also puts emphasis on the vocals with fewer electronic sounds and less percussion.

Neon Dreams took a baby step outside of their comfort zone with Wolf, Princess & Me. For the most part, they stuck to what they do best – catchy, dance-floor beats. The trio has stepped up their lyrical game though, especially in the second half of the EP when the raw emotion can really be felt.

Wolf, Princess & Me is out September 22nd under Dreaming Out Loud Records and distributed through Warner Music Canada.

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