Moses - Photo Credits to Mike Kapoval

Moses ‘Moses’ EP

With their self-titled EP Moses have announced their arrival with energy, style and bags of talent, proving they are credible successors to the alt-indie thrones currently occupied by The Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian et al.

Rooted in good old fashioned rock and roll, there are snatches of The Glitter Band and The Sweet in the percussion, the bass has noticeably come more to the fore now than in the demo versions and has an early Kasabian feel to it. Melodically they are led by an absolute axeman of a guitarist, as good as anything available at present. Furthermore, they don’t take the easy route, with teasing little breakdowns and changes of pace to keep you constantly peaking, the tunes themselves give you an audio-stomping you’ll not forget in a hurry.

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Surprisingly the EP has more slow tracks than fast. What’s even more of a surprise is that they are still really energetic, avoiding the idea that just playing things faster achieves that energy. It’s somehow embedded in the delivery, in the desperate insistence of Victor’s voice or the hypnotic attack of the drums, they sound like they have so much to give that they can’t help but throw everything at you, keeping nothing back. It is the vocal which really makes it stand out from the bland middle of the road normality of today’s charts. Every time the singer kicks in it’s a surprise, he has an unusual voice; slightly nasal, definitely accented, supremely emotional but he wouldn’t win X Factor, it’s not a traditionally accepted ‘good’ voice, it’s way more interesting than that.

This EP has set the bar high but can they keep the quality up? As a live force they are superb, matching acts like Jimmy Eat World and The Enemy on their own stages. On record that excitement is still there, if they can follow this up with a polished “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not“ style offering then the festival headliner crown may well be theirs for the taking.

Perhaps just like another well-known Moses they have been given a great task, and while their destiny may not be to fetch the ten commandments, it may be to lead their followers out of mediocre brain dead pop music slavery.

‘Moses EP’ is out 28/10/16 via Cross Town RecordingsMoses 'Moses' EP

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