Lonely The Brave ‘Diamond Days’

Lonely the Brave are back with a new EP. ‘Diamond Days’ arrives following last year’s fantastic album ‘Things Will Matter’ and while the band don’t bring huge amounts of change with this new EP, it does offer some more of the same great material.

The EP kicks off with the titular track ‘Diamond Days’ and lead singer David Jakes is channelling his inner Eddie Vedder, with all the drama and emotion in the vocal which comes with that tag. It’s a nice start to the fourteen-minute run time of the record, with a swell of nostalgia and melancholy that lets you know you’re listening to a Lonely The Brave track. ‘Two Heads’ plays more like a straight rock and roll song, with an infectious chorus and a more traditional structure. The whole EP has the expected high quality production values which deserve their own mention, with every track feeling open, spacious and intense in no small part due to the recording values.

Next up is so far, the most popular song of the four tracks here. ‘Collider’ is proof that Lonely The Brave’s instrumentals could stand wholly on their own merit as a separate track. However, the vocals lift it up to a completely new level. It’s emotionally intense, expansive and full of great lyrical content, a real highlight in the band’s growing list of hits.

‘The Rat’, a cover of The Walkmen’s 2004 song, finishes off the EP. Cover songs can always be a risk, but this definitely pays off. Giving enough credit to the original while giving it a new, more smoothed out atmosphere. The raw emotion of the original translates seamlessly into Lonely The Brave’s signature style.

‘Diamond Days’ doesn’t bring any great shift in style to the band’s discography from the last record but this is no bad thing as we are treated to more great material from a band growing in confidence.

‘Diamond Days’ is out now via Hassle Records.