London act ‘The Goldborns’ drop new EP

This EP from newcomers The Goldborns stands as a soulful and heartfelt call for unity. You could be mistaken for thinking it is one big political statement, but the message feels a lot closer to home and relevant to the man on the street. Particularly when a former guitarist from The Clash is the man on the buttons, as producer. They were a band known for perforating their songs with messages for the people, this is no different.

Jones’ eye for detail and bringing the best out of artists  is clear. With Babyshambles Down In Albion, he caught an audio snapshot of Pete Doherty and his band at a time when things were in turmoil for the former frontman of The Libertines. Jones delivered a raw, honest and gritty sound to reflect that time.

Here, his hand is turned to capturing the soul-rich sound, societal awareness and crispness of The Goldborns.

In Corridor Of Love, The Goldborns have the most well-rounded track of the EP. Deliciously nonchalant guitar strums over the fizzing of electronic synth beds, whilst strings pulsate throughout. This is a song that marches, builds and is as near perfect a modern dub-style tune as you could hope for.

Words Of A Wound [Feat. Lowkey And Nathan Adams] is a smooth track with some enticing R&B influences. The spitting from guests Lowkey and Nathan Adams add another layer of cool. This track has a touch of early 90s rap to it that gives it an addictive coating of nostalgia.

The repeated line and underlying sentiment in Come Together is “people you gotta come together”. Under this banner, I’m sure people will be more tempted to. Whilst it is a song to voice the concern for a perceived disparity in the U.K., it perhaps is missing the pace in some sections to make it properly hit home.

The dub-heavy tune Leave It Out [Feat. OG Rootz] is a proper speaker-shaker. Lamenting lyrics are cut with a weird contrast against the bassline and the usually happy reggae vibe that demands nodding of the head.

The boys from West London have created something with solid roots here. Their direction is clear and their mind-set charmingly obvious. Watch them develop deeper into this sound, they will drop something very special.