Lightcliffe ‘For a While’

When Seahaven disappeared after their monumental ambient emotional piece, ‘Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only’, the world of the nu-wave alternatives had been put on hold as fans waited patiently for someone, somewhere to add a small amount of closure. Yes, artists have appeared left, right and centre with similarities to Seahaven’s sound, however none have come remotely close. Not even the tragic, yet popular, Moose Blood.

Things are different now, that above community of alternatives seem to be giving up hope. Nevertheless, in London, something on the sad scale of Willy Wonka is occurring. Emo rock is not dead yet it would seem. Lightcliffe, a band that are equivalently the babes of the scene having formed in 2016, are gearing up to release their follow-up to 2017s first EP, ‘Mistakes I Seem To Make’.

Melancholic, drowsy and patient, ‘For a While’ is here to tackle the standard winter depression and misery feelings which immerse many throughout the coming season.

Opener and EP title-track, ‘Drapes’, consistently rises in dissonance until reaching its climatic ending, leading the way for a lightly roasted and slow moving ten minutes or so. ‘Camera Shy’, with its heavily distorted grunge tones, reaches for yet another pulsating ending only to find the true sense of melody within the tight doubled up (or was it tripled up, or even gang?) vocals, tranquil or nah? Closer, ‘Feel at Home’, reaches qualities that touch upon the gigantic Basement’s early tones found upon 2010’s ‘Songs Upon The Weather’ and follow-up ‘I wish I could Stay Here’.

Fun unnecessary fact, Basement are in an unofficial playlist on Spotify titled, and wait for it… ‘EMO FOREVER’.

Okay, so altogether ‘For a While’ isn’t the EP that can live up to Seahaven’s ‘RL:MFEO’, but it is somewhere close. And even though it can go pretty slow at times, its worth buying on Cassette Tape – purely for the fact physical formats are always more attractive and also because melancholic tones on Tape? That is a yes. Catch the EP on the 24th November via Failure To Design Records.

Also, catch Lightcliffe at the following dates this December…


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