Lecaudé 'Circles' - EP REVIEW

Lecaudé ‘Circles’ – EP REVIEW

A seductively groovy debut offering.

On title track ‘Circles’ Lecaudé laments having to ‘slip through endless seasons,’ on a debut EP which will leave you craving a ceaseless summer. Equally as fitting poolside as at the deep end of a welly-clad festival blowout, this unabashedly smooth set of songs thrusts you towards delicious escapism. Befitting of its influences it does so with unrelenting dynamism, fans of Jungle, SOHN and Pala-era Friendly Fires should take note.

Opening track ‘Powder Blue’ sets the tempo. It introduces itself with a lusciously jittering bass line squirming in amongst ethereal atmospherics and gentle harp arpeggios, before a languid beat attempts to frame a track already bursting with colour and energy. The piece continues to illuminate, intermittently introducing spacey synths and memories of past early hour debauchery. Flicked guitar licks bathed in reverb sit comfortably within a borderline singalong outro, while that bassline continues to drive an immensely groovy opener. This, a hugely inviting track, leaves the listener immediately envious of anyone currently enjoying more satisfying climates, and suitably loosens the hips for more.

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From the stabbing synths which announce its title track, to the sliding guitar lines which drag ‘Smoke n Mirrors’ through its most indie moments, the EP continues to delight. The standout ‘Blue Veins’ is somehow yet more laidback, both contemplative and romantic without losing any of the inhibition-tossing sheen of its predecessors. If there is to be a criticism of ‘Circles’ it would be that the lyrics occasionally seem forced, an issue that is most noticeable on this more sparse track. This isn’t a record that arouses the ‘pure and clean’ love which Lecaudé alludes to, however such minor criticism fails to prove substantially distracting. In much the same vein as the opener the track is propelled by an instantly danceable bass line and a deftly plucked harp, but do not confuse this for a lack of ideas. This more polished effort displays greater restraint and control, resulting in an unremittingly smooth end product. The groove hits you instantly and carries through to a finale which, with its insouciant funk, suits this hugely promising EP. Whirring guitar and slickly pitched vocals take the reins, until they begin to lose themselves to the track’s natural conclusion. 

Like the soundtrack to any great party it leaves you joyous and hungrily yearning for more. This assured debut is particularly impressive in its ability to evoke the carelessness of a long summer in paradise, a fortune clearly best spent in Lecaudé’s company.

This Lecaudé article was written by Thomas Hutchinson, a GIGsoup contributor

Lecaudé 'Circles' - EP REVIEW