Laucans Debut EP ‘Up Tomorrow’ is a delicate rendering of folk guitars and high harmonies; where ambitiously ambient sounds quilt round instruments like selfless conveners of mood. The opening track ‘Up Tomorrow’ begins with meaningful guitar picks met by a recorded melody of birds which open up a desires of slumber. If you manage to fight through the tired eyes however, you are treated to yet more hypnotising synths and strings to match the ambiance. ‘Where I Should Be’ maintains the chilled out vibe adding more layers of atmosphere. A kaleidoscope of instruments seems to gain momentum, collectively producing new sounds, and ultimately resulting in a chaotic melting pot of looped noise.

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‘DLMA’ brings you back down to earth though with a more concreted guitar riff. A welcome break from the cluster of transcendent sounds before.  The penultimate track is made up of guitar and lyrics almost exclusively; with an occasional reserved blast on the church organ being the only intruder. ‘DLMA’ is simple but effective in its essence. This simplicity is carried over to the hauntingly lonely conclusion of the EP. ‘Tectonic Plates’ begins again with recorded ambiance. However this time it is via muffled voices in conversation. As the conversation fades into the song a feeling of isolation really strikes hard. Emotionally high vocals and shy guitar picks that fill the empty silence throughout.

This record starts as a relaxed stroll through the park and ends in an impulsive walk to clear your mind. Sounds mature and evolve throughout; becoming more precise and poignant to match the tone of the final songs.Up tomorrow’ is out now via Sunday Best Recordings.

Laucan 'Up Tomorrow'

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