In April of this year, supergroup The Last Shadow Puppets, AKA Alex Turner and Miles Kane released their second album ‘Everything You’ve Come to Expect’ (EYCTE). During the album tour, the band showcased several covers and on new EP, ‘The Dream Synopsis’, has recorded studio versions of these tributes, alongside two reworked album tracks.

The EP begins with a rejuvenated ‘Aviation’, the sophomore album opener that captures the band’s trademark sound. The track does not deviate much from the original recording, but certainly conveys a heightened live feel, which coupled with the Bond guitar riff and dramatic strings, makes the reinterpretation even more profound.

Next up is a cover of Jacques Dutronc’s ‘Les Cactus’, which since its release has somewhat received a backlash due to Turner’s ‘French’ accent. Disregarding this somewhat pretentious critique, the track itself should be taken in tongue ‘n’ cheek fashion as it’s clearly just a bit of fun. Moreover, covering a French track is typical of TLSP’s unique style. Their sound is not the nocturnal, primal and erotic vibe of ‘AM’, but rather an experimental, edgy and eerie Baroque-pop effort summed up by this rendition.

The two Kane-led covers are The Fall’s ‘Totally Wired’ and Glaxo Babies’ ‘This is Your Life’. Both tracks display Miles’ sour and piercing vocals, particularly the former, which having seen performed live is a wild rally of noise imploring the audience to get on their dancing shoes almost immediately. ‘This is Your Life’ conversely resonates a haunting warning as Kane sings “This is your life, crying on the subway, lying from your wife, this is your life”.

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The penultimate track is a fitting cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Is This What You Wanted’ that was released before his untimely death in November. The song fittingly suited to Turner’s swooning voice sails along beautifully whilst heading towards a monumental finale. The cover acts as the perfect farewell to a world class songwriter and paves the way for the final track. ‘The Dream Synopsis’, once again, is as a reworked version of one of the band’s original tracks. Featuring a sexy saxophone and an acoustic backing guitar, the reboot of the track is the highlight of the release, and rightfully so. As Turner croons “it must be torture when I talk about my dreams”, one cannot help but think that this EP is farewell, but certainly not for forever. As mentioned during the release of EYCTE, Turner and Kane entertained the idea of a “trilogy [of albums] or a four-part drama” before calling it quits. If this EP is indicative of anything, it’s that Turner’s dreams are nothing to be sick of just yet.

‘The Dream Synopsis’ EP is out now via Domino Records.The Last Shadow Puppets 'The Dream Synopsis

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