There’s a taste of eclecticism in Kit Rice’s ‘Living Life’ EP.

In a society where the music industry has a reputation to focus on a certain look or sound, and that you are constantly competing for attention, here stands BRIT School graduate Kit Rice telling the world: No, there is another way. This is his aim with his latest EP ‘Living Life,’ where he simply tells his story with the help of his friends, nothing more. With an eclectic mix of bouncy, catchy R&B tracks and easy going, hip hop beats, it feels like Rice is living one fantastic life and we get the privilege to share in its glory.

Love Song’ feels like the type of song to be on a car advert or blared out on a beach in summer, and for very good reason. The funky, soul tones give it a Prince-like quality, which you’d be a fool not to appreciate. It is only a shame that it doesn’t last that little bit longer. However, ‘Not Enough’ gives us a bigger taste of the bouncy tunes that Rice does so well and turns down to House/Garage avenue, showing that he is capable of so many styles of music.

Collaborative effort with Christopher Blacc ‘Dreaming’ comes with two additional remixes on this EP, but the original track comes with a laid back quality that we come to appreciate in this record.  Similarly with eponymous opening track ‘Living Life’, the simple, uninventive beat may not be one that grabs your attention. The focus on these tracks is definitely more on lyrical content, and the empathy they evoke is very relatable. Whether you are stuck in a mundane job, are sick of stereotypes and the state of the world, you will find yourself smiling at the optimism of ‘Dreaming’.

DJ Fen’s efforts on the ‘Dreaming’ remix definitely has those sunny vibes you expect in a club classic and is arguably the better of the remixes. But if you fancy some deeper tones and house music, then Operator S’s turns at the tables is probably the winner for you.

‘Living Life’ perhaps may not be the record that propels Kit Rice into the spotlight, but it is an enjoyable listen nonetheless. But what he does well is give us a taste of his eclecticism, and since this is his story, then you could argue he has achieved his goal.

‘Living Life’ is now out via KAR Records.

This Kit Rice article was written by Evie Myers, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse.


Kit Rice 'Living Life' - EP REVIEW

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