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Hastings quartet Kid Kapichi waste no time getting listeners immersed in their self-titled debut EP. With the intro being packed full of big sounds and vigour they avoided being overbearing providing a nice guide of what can be expected from the rest of the EP.

With clear influences from an array of genres from the offset the band maintain a solid sound of their own. With hearty gang-vocals present throughout, and a big energy remaining constant the listening experience transcends the listener to an easily imaginable live-set. There is no surprise that they have had support from the likes of NME Radar, MTV Rocks, and BBC Introducing; the release of this EP will certainly encourage this furthermore.

Lead single ‘Waster’ is the perfect example of what they’re bringing to the industry; the energy of a live-set is not always easy to achieve but they have managed to do so in a way that further explores and displays the quality of their musicianship. With an honesty and transparency to their lyrics, exemplified in “people tell me I’m a waster so why don’t you waste time with me,” no area of their sound is lacking, each working harmoniously to create a sound unique to them. Impressively each instrument shines through whilst simultaneously exhibiting their collective sound encouraging an understanding of how each of their musical personalities are what solidify the band’s unique sound.

The inclusion of 2 frontmen creates an exciting contrast between a harsher and a more melodic approach to vocals, adding to what makes this EP such a standout release. It is the final track ‘Boomerang’ that is to be really highlighted. Through the progression of the EP the guitars and drums are impressive however within Boomerang they can only be described as gargantuan, closing the somewhat short release with such a hard-hitting track influences a want for more.

‘Boomerang’ perfectly captures what it means to be Kid Kapichi, there is an undeniable cohesion of lyricism, and instrumental work. with the most telling line of the EP “sit down and take your medicine/this world won’t make you whole again” Kid Kapichi are here to make a name for themselves and they’re certainly not holding back from hitting the world with colossal talent.

At times, there is a similar energy to the likes of Royal Blood, but Kid Kapichi have shown that this is not always a negative thing. With similarities in their energy they have used their lyricism and musicianship to speak for the band, creating a more unique portrayal of the energy and angst within the rock music industry, turning what we expect to hear from a “rock band” on its head and giving us a truly invigorating release.

Having expressed that “[they] just don’t understand why there’s not more rock out there now, especially when the world is such a fucked up place at the moment” it is clear that with the release of their self-titled EP they are doing something about this. By paving the way for rock to shine within the industry once again there are no doubts that this EP will only further the attention they’re receiving and influence others. By approaching a cliché energy in such a unique way Kid Kapichi have perfected the “kid kapichi sound” and in doing so this release will leave listeners wanting more and will show exactly what the music industry needs more of.

They can be seen on tour at the following dates:

20.09 Oporto, Leeds

30.09 Carlisle, Hastings (EP Launch)

05.10 The Monarch, London

07.10 The Hope and Ruin, Brighton

27.10 Albion, Hastings

30.11 Camden Assembly, London

Kid Kapichi’s debut self-titled EP is set for release on 30th September 2017


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