Juhan Ongbrian – Mood Swings EP

Unwilling to temper his pulsating and organic space-jazz blues hybrid, Juhan Ongbrian has followed the wave of artists who have brought jazz to fans of electro, urban and dance in the UK. A true guitar virtuoso, Juhan’s brand new ‘Mood Swings EP’ demonstrates his inventive technique, that manages to balance the striking with the familiar.

Kicking off the EP with title-track ‘Mood Swings’, we are thrown in blissful electric guitar riffs. Merging the track with a Bruce Lee clip and funky bass the EP is immediately introduced as a modern take on classic jazz grooves. A gradual build up throughout, the track culminates in an eruption of percussion and guitar frenzy and this eruption is not extinguished by the second song.

Stumbling into a stomping rock rhythm, ‘Wooza’ throws us into thumping beats and heavy riffs, transitioning effortlessly from the climax of its predecessor. Immediately mellowed by ‘Moving On’, we start to get real Alfa Mist feels. Chill, sultry and slightly spacey, our souls are gently lifted from our bodies and placed on a galactic conveyer belt.

Next in line, ‘Limelight’ takes those spacey vibes and infinitely multiplies. With a rhythm so consistent that it introduces a whole new species of earworm, the penultimate track of the EP balances funky riffs and delicate cymbal brushes. Finalising with chilled beats and dreamy breakdowns, ‘Morten’ brings the EP to a close in sensually jazzy fashion with Juhan’s distinctive modern twist.

Featuring the talents of Juhan on lead guitar and production; “Sly Chong” on bass guitar, Adrian “Ech0” Michael on drums, and Bilkent Samsurya on second guitar, ‘Mood Swings’ fuses the worlds of jazz and electronics to create an EP loaded with laid back fusion tracks.