Joon Moon 'Chess' - EP REVIEW
Joon Moon 'Chess' - EP REVIEW

Joon Moon ‘Chess’ – EP REVIEW

This Joon Moon article was written by Jake Willis, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Sam Forsdick

Beautifully laden with soft harmonies, haunting piano melodies and foreboding beats, Joon Moon are onto something big with their debut EP ‘Chess’. Formed of Parisian Julian Decoret and the Kansas-native Krystie Warren, Joon Moon manage to perfectly synthesise soul and pop into one deliciously digestible sound which send chills down your spine.

‘Chess’ opens with Joon Moon’s first single, ‘Apple Day’, a song enriched with lovelorn messages that are profoundly sincere and whilst the lyrics are at times clichéd – for example “feels like the walls are caving in” and “we’re all actors in a play” – the emotive nature of the record rings true. It is a song that has the ability to move but not depress. One can envision Warren’s poignant themes from a somewhat out-of-body experience; yet as the song finishes, an almost ghostly presence seems to fill the musical void.

Besides from the two house remixes of ‘Chess’, ‘Help Me’ is the poppiest song of the EP with its driving drums and catchy lyrics, but with the fluttering of a cello in the background and the layered vocals that carry throughout, it somehow rises above the label of a ‘pop-song’. It is simplistic in every facet, yet the minimalism is flawlessly planned. For Joon Moon, less certainly is more.

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The staccato piano hammering away in the background of the closing track ‘Chess’, the EP’s namesake song, along with the chorus’ backing horns, perfectly poised pauses and strong harmonies throughout make it a very powerful track that plays with suspense and anticipation.

The best thing about ‘Chess’ is the variation. Not only does each song have a wide range of emotions within itself, but the EP is also a delightful mix of everything. ‘Chess’ feels less and less like an EP but more like a résumé of musical talents. No song sounds the same but at the same time every song carries the essence of Joon Moon deep within itself.

If ‘Chess’ is anything to go by, Joon Moon have got something big up their sleeves, which with any luck will be revealed on their next release.

‘Chess’ is out October 30th via Kwaidan Records.

Joon Moon 'Chess' - EP REVIEW