Jesse Mac Cormack 'After the Glow'

Jesse Mac Cormack ‘After the Glow’ – EP REVIEW

Following year’s of promotion, single releases, tours and festivals, Jesse Mac Cormack has finally released his highly anticipated ‘After The Glow’ EP, the follow-up to ‘Music for the Soul’ and ‘Crush’. Produced and recorded by Jesse, the Montreal artist orchestrated a five-track hybrid mixture of awesome electronica and foot stomping rock, to create one of the more interesting releases of the final quarter of 2016.

The title track (‘After The Glow’) opens the EP, with a morphing drone and electronic drums before a distinct acoustic guitar and Jesse’s rough and raw vocals cut through the noise. Each song takes the form of a complex recipe pairing the two styles in an unlikely matrimony, and creating a mesmerising experience at every corner. The clarity and honesty of Cormack’s vocals, cut through the electronica, and pair perfectly with the slightly heavier songs. ‘Alright’ starts in this fashion, maintaining the slow and dreary beat, with a psychedelic structure and development that screams out with a bewildering reverb, showing off a subtler blend of synths with a rock-star performance to be respected.

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‘Never Enough’ opens into a funkier side with a range of orchestral stabs, and what feels like an army of guitars coming left right and centre. The track also shows Jesse’s innovation of mixing production techniques like hard gates, and a spatial awareness attributed to the likes of electronica and glitch producers, used in total concordance with the grounded elements of his tracks. It’s a technique that although parallel to the current trends, transpires to a daring format, leaving room for so much error, and yet, consisting of none.

The seven-minute closing track ‘Death Row’ brings the EP to a definitive close, which still feels a little too soon. Hardly differing from the transparently honest tracks prior: hesitant pauses, epic reverbs and a head nodding development, the track cements the Canadian’s welcomingly enigmatic style, before dissolving into a space rock finale.

What seperates Jesse from the plethora of musicians, who are just starting their craft, is the overwhelming sense of his professionalism and experience that clarifies his talents as an artist. His music is seductive; in the sense that you know you’re already going to like his entire discography after the first thirty seconds. ‘After The Glow’ shows Cormack’s phenomenal effort to create innovative music, and acts as our methadone until his inevitable debut album.

This Jesse Mac Cormack article was written by John Gittins, a Gigsoup contributor. Photo credit : Joannie Grenier

Jesse Mac Cormack 'After the Glow'
Jesse Mac Cormack ‘After the Glow’
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