Jeremy Zucker ‘Idle’

Jeremy Zucker’s EP ‘Idle’ was recommended via Instagram by a fellow music enthusiast @antonmyks. Instagram is an emerging platform where artists share previews and samples of their music. Zucker’s style combines indie and electronica with moments of hip hop influence. Zucker’s Instagram post about ‘Idle’ explains, “this is not background music. This is my life.” Zucker notes his experience with the process of creating the EP and where the concept of ‘idle’ came from.

Creating this ep was cathartic. Frustrating. Liberating. It took months of sleepless nights. Good friends. Fake friends. Days that felt so good I remember thinking I could’ve died happy, right there and then. A lot of time spent alone. Where ‘motions’ was about two forces in my life – pulling me towards my dreams and pushing me away from everything familiar – ‘idle’ is the space between. A purgatory. Where I’m doing everything I can to move forward but I’m hardly moving at all”– Jeremy Zucker.

‘Talk is overrated’ features the voice of Matthew Tyler Musto, who most of us know as Blackbear, who has worked with G-Eazy, Skizzy Mars, and Hoodie AllenThis track is relaxed, like the lyrics, mixing soft synths with subtle layers of trap, and an electronic melody.

‘Ghosts” is a song about distance, a mistake, heartbreak, and moving towards something new.

‘99.9’ is about the wait. It’s about anticipation and holding back so there’s less to lose, but knowing that love is already there.

‘End’ talks about wanting things to continue and wanting to progress. It talks about the end of a relationship. Things changed without resolution but hope remained.

It’s like dawn is finally breaking after the longest night, but the sun never crosses the horizon. This is idle,” – Jeremy Zucker.

Zucker posted clips of his soon-to-be released acoustic project on Instagram. This unplugged version of Zucker’s resonates with the same young-heart, old-soul sentiments heard in his track ‘every day (stripped.)’ released in mid-December, 2017.

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