Habitats 'Jungles' - EP REVIEW

Habitats ‘Jungles’ – EP REVIEW

This Habitats article was written by Cristina Esteban, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Ben Kendall.

‘Jungles’ is the second EP of this self-proclaimed Indie/Alternative/Tropical/Groove band. Their first EP, ‘Diamond Days’, was released in February 2015 and exactly one year later, they will release their second one.

Consisting only of four tracks, ‘Jungles’ definitely showcases Habitats’ talent in creating good music, and proves that they have a unique style that doesn’t fit into the classic ‘indie’ norm. The ‘Indie/Alternative/Tropical/ Groove’ label is most certainly spot-on.

‘Boogie Waltzer’, the opening track of ‘Jungles’, was pre-released as a single in October 2015. The chorus actually sounds very similar to the beginning of Peter Bjorn and John’s – ‘Second Chance’, or as some of you might know it, the opening song of the TV series 2 Broke Girls.

Using lyrics such as “Don’t you ever want to feel, like someone else tonight”, ‘Boogie Waltzer’ will encourage you to do what you want and be who you want. And probably to sing along as well.

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‘Should Know Better’ then starts off with a tropical vibe, but after the initial verses, instead of continuing with its more tranquil, ‘tropical’ nature, the songs does the exact opposite. By introducing a strong set of guitar and drums, which instantly bring up the beat, the song gains momentum as it evolves, and becomes perfect proof of the band’s ability to successfully combine different sounds to create an amazing song.

Habitats transmit positivity through their songs, not only via the tunes themselves, but also through the lyrics. The third track, ‘Float Together’ is one of the best examples of this: “Feeling alive, we’re feeling, lost souls we find each other. Feeling alive, we’re feeling, let’s all just float together”. A catchy tune accompanies it, making it a great song to sing to, dance to, or simply listen to and enjoy.

The fourth and final song in the EP is the title track. Starting with a long instrumental intro, the song is the longest by far in the EP. An ode to daily routines, the song talks about our monotonous behaviour, working and sleeping, everyday the same. At the end of the song the lyrics make way for another instrumental moment, where the guitar takes complete ownership of the song, and provides a nice close to the song, and to the EP.

Overall, despite being only four songs long, ‘Jungles’ is proof that we can expect great things from Habitats in the future.

‘Jungles’ is out on the 12th February via Decibel Collective.

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