Haux ‘All We’ve Known’ – EP REVIEW

Haux ‘All We’ve Known’ – EP REVIEW

Haux – the Electro-Folk musical project from Woodson Black – has just released a brand new EP titled ‘All We’ve Known’.

Haux’s Facebook page describes ‘All We’ve Known’ as “a collection of secrets… the kind of secrets you might keep in the places you go or the people you meet… the kind of secrets that by themselves don’t mean all too much, but when put together paint a picture of you, the whole of you and the things you’ve come to know.”

Nothing could be more accurate. Even aside from the lyrics, there is a subtlety to ‘All We’ve Know’ that plays on this idea of secrecy, in the way the hushed vocals seem to whisper directly to you, establishing a bond between artist and listener that almost reaches a personal level. It feels as though Woodman Black, the one and only member of Haux, has completely stripped the canvas bare for ‘All We’ve Known’, allowing him to create pure, intricate patterns with the fine lines of beautifully simplistic instrumentation and delicate vocals.

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Released on June 8, the five-track EP plays like a lullaby, drifting you dreamily along from the opener ‘Homegrown’ to the melancholic finale ‘Sister’. Each track cleverly conjures the vibes that are suggested by their titles. For example, the back and forth chord progression of ‘Seaside’ creates a wavy tidal feel that gradually builds up into a crashing final chorus. Similarly, the use of echo-y backing vocals, droning keyboards and rolling drums in ‘Caves’ makes for a perfectly relevant and atmospheric piece. 

Despite all its brilliance, ‘All We’ve known’ feels as though it is building up to something momentous, but unfortunately it never quite reaches that point. It’s as if it made the climb up the mountain but skipped the euphoric peak and started rolling straight back down again. Though, with the EP being so short, we can regard this as a tantalising teaser of what is to come and can eagerly expect that euphoria with Haux’s next release.

‘All We’ve Known’ is out now via self release.

This Haux article was written by Tyler Turner, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson.

Haux ‘All We’ve Known’ – EP REVIEW

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