LA based four piece Ghost Lion are here to present their self-coined style of music; Tropical post-punk. Whether that is true or not is very much in the ear of the beholder, but very few (if any) acts today can claim to be producing such music.

This 5-track EP, drenched with calypso style melodies, is perhaps being released at the wrong time of year. Scheduled for release on 11th November, this obvious summer sounding release may be a little misplaced. It is fun and it is upbeat, and it takes you to a sandy tropical beach where the most beautiful version of you is lapping up the sun while the warm waters tickle your toes. It is very LA.

Founding members Blake Henley and Bolivian born Enrique Lara have expanded the line up with Mike Torres and Chris Kapica, presumably to enable them to unleash their music on stage. They are picking up quite a following at the Mid City Yacht Club in LA, where they have a monthly residency.

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This EP is very much disposable pop music – but this is not necessarily a criticism. This music is not designed to be studied deeply and discussed, it is what it is. It is fun, bouncy pop music, designed to be brought out, only to have fun with and to be put away again. Indeed, musicians are often too serious. Music is meant to be fun after all! Sounds of early Crystal Fighters spring to mind.

The closing track ‘Way Up’ seems to be the obvious single on this release. It has a catchy chorus that sticks with you and lives long in the memory. ‘Broken Glass’ discusses a love that never was. It falls in the middle of the EP and is a break from the joyous nature that surrounds it – almost a natural breathing space before the levity returns.

This is a perfect EP for twenty minutes of carefree abandon. It won’t live on in the memory but it may aid you in taking you to your happy place.

‘Dim Echo’ by Ghost Lion is out on Impose Records on 11th November.

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